Our bookkeepers are experts in the Accounting Software that your business uses, and they aren’t alone. They are part of a team of Accountants, Tax Agents, Bookkeepers and Consultants who specialise in working with businesses that use XERO, MYOB, QuickBooks and Reckon accounting Software. We can be your one stop shop and solve all your needs or we will happily support your existing Tax Agent.


“…Money management and accurate records…that’s one of the reasons the Rich get Richer.”   (Robert Kiyosaki – Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Series)


Do you find it hard to find good bookkeepers for your business? 


A Bookkeeper that really knows the Accounting Software that your business uses? If you are like the majority of business owners’ finding a really good person for the job is sometimes an almost impossible task. Unless you know these packages inside out yourself, how can you tell if the people that you want to employ really do know the products that they say they do?

K.I.S. Accounting Professionals can easily solve this problem for you.

  • Our bookkeepers can come onto your premises on a weekly, multi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and provide bookkeeping and administrative duties. This is on a needs basis and can vary from a few hours a quarter to 20-25 hours per week.
  • We can remotely connect to your computer anywhere in Australia and provide remote bookkeeping services such as bank and credit card reconciliations.
  • You can bring or send your paperwork to us and have us do your bookkeeping on our premises.
  • We can provide accountants for more complex bookkeeping roles.


So what are the advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping to K.I.S Accounting Professionals?


  1. K.I.S bookkeepers come to you fully trained. They really know the packages that you need inside out.
  2. Contractors work “head down, bum up” (excuse the expression) for the entire period that they are contracted. Generally speaking a contractor can get through what a normal employee would do in 2 or 3 times the amount of time. This is due firstly to their expertise and secondly to the differing outlook to work that contractors have in comparison to employees. If they are contracted for say, 5 hours per week then they have to get everything that is humanly possible done in that time.
  3. A contractor is not part of your payroll. This means no PAYG, no Payment Summaries, no Workers Compensation, no other insurances and no Payroll Tax. All our contractors are covered by our Workers compensation and Professional Indemnity insurances. All you receive is an invoice each week which is as simple to pay as any other suppliers’ bill.
  4. K.I.S. Contractors are part of a team. This means that they are constantly supported by a group of accountants and other bookkeepers who are highly qualified and very experienced. This support includes regular training, updates on all the latest software and it’s features, a support line to get help with any unusual or difficult issues and other bookkeepers who can jump in if your bookkeeper gets sick, goes on holidays or even needs to leave.
  5. We are highly qualified, experts in Reckon Accounts, QuickBooks Online, MYOB, and XERO and accounting generally. We know the packages inside out so when we interview new contractors we can tell immediately who really has the skills our clients need. We are able to place the right bookkeeper with each client every time.